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Project Title: Using Artificial Intelligence to Differentiate Learning Pathways for Students in Mathematics at Intermediate School Level Supervisors: Dr Cathy Gunn and Dr Claire Donald
Researcher Name: Trent Fasavalu, Master of Education student at the University of Auckland, but also employed as a technology specialist teacher at Pasadena Intermediate.

I have read the Participant Information Sheet, and I have understood the nature of the research and why my child has been selected. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered to my satisfaction.

  • I agree to my child taking part in this research.
  • I understand that my child’s participation is voluntary.
  • I understand that my child is free to withdraw at any time without explanation, however, they will not be able to withdraw their data because their data is anonymised upon submission.
  • I understand that for this study, my child will use an anonymous, online, artificially-intelligent program, consisting of a questionnaire, pre- and post-tests and maths activities; requiring 55-minutes of their time in total.
  • I understand that after the study my child’s data will be digitally stored offline for 6 years, after which time it will be destroyed.
  • I understand that data collected will be used to formulate a generalised conceptual model for differentiating online learning content to specific learning styles and identify the benefits of such a model. The model and data will form part of a MEd thesis and may be used in subsequent peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings and future studies.
  • I have been given enough time to decide whether or not to allow my child to take part in this study.
  • I have discussed the research invitation with my child.
  • I understand that even if I consent, the final decision to participate is my child’s.
  • The Principal has given an assurance that participation or non-participation in the study will not affect your child’s relationship with the staff of the school, marks or their progress at school.
  • I understand my child’s school will enter a draw to win one of two DJI Tello Smart Drones, valued at $200 and the number of entries into the draw will be equal to the number of student participants from my child’s school that complete the online questionnaire.
  • I understand that if I wish to receive a summary of findings, I can make a request by completing the online form at:

By entering my name in the box below, I freely give my informed consent for my child to take part in the study:

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participation Ethics Committee on 06 May 2019 for three years. Reference Number 022815.

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